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Any information you provide via this form will only be used in this visitors' book and/or in our church magazine, Goodwood News, for the benefit of those members of the church who do not have internet access. We will not add your details to any mailing lists or supply any information about you to any third parties without your explicit consent or unless expressly required to do so by law. Please remember, however, that anything posted in this visitors' book is accessible to the public. Email addresses on this site are encoded to resist spambots.

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  Visitors' Comments So Far...


Name Date of Visit Comments
David Hair,
Holy Trinity, Regent Road
20 October 2007 I and 2 colleagues have started a men's Christian dining club. It's interdenominational, so that we can involve all churches. I would welcome the opportunity to share this with you.
Tim Price,

13 September 2007 My late father was John Price of the Leprosy Mission, a Christian charity working across the world to cure leprosy and spread the gospel at the same time. I rebelled 100% against my upbringing and was infuriated when a Christian pastor referred to me as the prodigal son. My mother died on Mother's Day 2007 and it is now, only now I realise my upbringing was right all along. I am now seeking to get back in the fold so to speak.
George & Kathleen Bowerman,

Goodwood Evangelical Church
21 December 2006 George (94) & Kathleen (91) remember them well - George was a fellow elder with Jim & the 2 couples exchanged visits regularly - if you contact us we'll fill you in with any details that we can remember - please cc - Liz Bowerman (George & Kathleen's daughter)
Adrian Platt,
20 December 2006 My grandparents, Jim & Margaret Platt attended your church until they died, some years ago. I wonder if any current members can remember them?
Janet Stafford,

30 July 2006 Good beginning - bland start - need something eye catching or animated. Include page for overseas projects the Church is involved in.

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